Why 24/7 Solar?

As solar resources on the electrical system increase, the value of solar generation coupled with energy storage to overcome the intermittent nature of renewables is increasing in value to both utilities and customers. To meet this market demand, Norwich Technologies has developed the SunTrap product that integrates thermal storage with proven CSP, PV, and organic rankine cycle (ORC) generator technology to create a fully dispatchable 24/7 solar power system that can follow your electricity load.  The SunTrap power system is sized for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, with electrical output ratings of 500kW to 10MW available. The SunTrap power system incorporates far more storage capacity that practical with battery-based solutions, enabling a cost effective solar resource fully capable of 24/7 generation. The NT D-CSP system is modular, with a range of power and energy ratings available to match your C&I electricity usage profile.